Making A Difference

Let me make a difference,
for at least i can do it for one .

I came across a child
as happy as he could be
he played with the numbers
I said to him come here,
He did come and asked the same;
confused , I wished him Good morning,
he repeated the same –
his smile cheering the morning.
I asked him what is your name ?
He asked me the same instead !
Confused again , I asked how are you?
and again he questioned the same “how are you?”

All i could think was how and why did he do this?
I met him again the next day and it all happened again.

Observing him i found
that he never sat at his place,
Always out of the line;
He just wanted to play 
but instead all he could do was sit alone in the end.

The child is 4 years old and shows signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Blessed i feel to learn about him each day.

– Monika Kathuria