Deviation From The Norm

This Film was made in 50 hours for India Film Project – India’s Largest Filmmaking Event ( And The Theme Was ‘PROGRESS’

Team Name: MP Films

Writer, Director, Editor & Cinematographer : Praful Tyagi
Assisstant Directors : Monika Kathuria & Saurav Yadav
Actors : Narendra Yadav, Saurav Yadav & Rahul Rana

This Film Was Shot On Nikon D3300 (18-55mm & 50mm lens).



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A person who lives a life which is a dream of the other, a life which is full of all the good things; yet there is scarcity of emotional happiness. whereas on the other side of the coin there lies a person whose dreams might not be real yet she is happy encountering the reality. What happens when the two identities meet ? How it results in a TRADE — OFF ?

Art Of Perplexity

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