Exploring The Himalayas – Day 2

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Day 2


I always wanted to experience a sun rise in the mountains and this was my time for doing the same. I had never seen a rising sun before and so I was too damn excited about it . My phone’s alarm buzzed at 5.30 AM in the morning and I woke up instantly . It was still dark outside and no one could be seen around , not even a single soul , so yes it was scary as well. I knocked at the door of our caretaker as I heard some noise from his room and to my surprise he was awake and seemed like he had already taken a  bath . I asked him at about what time we can see the sun coming up ? He replied 6.30 Am . So we had approximately 45 minutes for the same by now. And did I forgot to mention , it was so chilled early morning and I had not taken my best warm clothes with me , but somehow I managed with the only jacket I had. So since we had some time in our hand , we took out our tripods and cameras and got them ready for the perfect shot.

Sunrise at 6.30 Am

Exactly around 6.30Am we could see the rays coming up and it was so magnificent that I will not be able to express it better through words. The first word from my mouth since the rays came up and till we could see the sun properly was “WOW”  . I kept on saying “Beautiful” . Trust me there is nothing like sunrises and sunsets in this world.


After such a delightful experience , we all got fresh and headed towards the Prashar Lake. The lake is located at a height of 2730 m above sea level. With deep blue waters, this lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar and he is regarded to have meditated here.The three storied pagoda-like temple  was built in the thirteenth century and legend has it was built by a baby from a single tree. The lake has a floating island in it and it is said to be unclear how deep it is, with a diver not being able to determine its depth.


After the visit to the main temple , we headed towards the local Dhaba which is right besides the lake, up above the mountain. We had Maggie and some kadak chai . The tea was so flavorful that I ordered another one as soon as I finished the first one . It had ginger and cardamom and it helped me with my cold. The breakfast went on for another hour with chit chats .After having our belly fit and fat , we took a good tour of the area nearby . We climbed up the nearby peaks and targeted for the highest point on each one as we knew that the view from there will be worth the climb.

Beautiful view around Prashar Lake

At around 12:00 Pm we went back towards the forest rest house and got our backpacks ready as we had to be on the same bus we came upon here. The bus came at 1 Pm and we all said goodbye to this magical place and reached back to Mandi around 3.30 pm . We had lunch at the some local restaurant around the bus stand and waited for our Volvo to travel back to Delhi .

The trip came to end with a promise to visit the place again but this time in Winters when the whole area is covered in snow.

This was a weekend getaway trip and I hope you can too take out some time to experience such solace.


Thanks for the read.


If you want to  know anything about the place in detail you may comment below .



Exploring The Himalayas

Day 1

Believing that i could live within the given profligacy of life , i sat onto that mountain and took a fresh breath of pleasantness in the air with wide opening my arms to welcome the explorer in me.


The journey started with boarding a bus to Mandi , Himachal Pradesh from Delhi at 8:00 Pm . It took around 10 hours to reach Mandi and with cloud led mountains we entered the local Bus Station and refreshed myself with a cup of tea. After around waiting for an hour or so we boarded the small rickety bus towards Prashar. It is the only bus which goes till there or else one can book a taxi for themselves which is a bit expensive in regard to a budget trip or one can trek right upto the hill with the help of local guides. It took exact 3 hours to reach the marvelous spot and i jumped down the bus as quickly as i could in order to visually absorb the very first look of the place.

You have booked your dates for this one i guess

It took me good half an hour to just stand from the bench nearby and to move towards the room we had booked with the forest rest house as i was in no mood to sit indoors after experiencing such wonderful landscape. But , yes of course we had to get freshen up and so we talked to the housekeeper there and got ourselves into the very first room on ground floor. The flooring was wooden with a red carpet over it . The windows were painted white and the had a chair facing the sunny side . Overall , the room was good enough for a few friends to create memories forever.

Forest Rest House

After having lunch , we moved a bit to explore the area and to help catch a signal on our phones. Yes , It is a bit difficult to keep your social network working over Facebook or Instagram but then we found a peak where suddenly my phone buzzed and i could finally contact my family to tell them i reached safely . It is funny that when the whole area doesn’t give even a single straight line over your device and then out of nowhere when you wide open your arms ( Refer to the 1st picture) sitting over a particular spot , your device gets working . Well , that was that !

Coming back to the beautiful evening , we just sat there and talked about nothing at all . Maybe it was the inner dialog we all were experiencing which didn’t require much to speak with anyone else. With the sun going down behind the mountain we all called it a day and went back to our room for a good sound sleep.


Next post will describe Day 2 of “Exploring The Himalayas”

The Festival Of Lights

The festival of Lights surrounds me again and i feel its time to light up the dark.

Deepavali or Diwali is an Indian Festival which is celebrated each year in order to celebrate the return of Lord Ram after the 14 years of exile ( as per the Hindu mythology ) . It depicts the victory of good over evil and hence is one of the most celebrated festival of the year. On this day , people light up their homes with Diyas’ and decorate them with flowers . One can feel the optimism in the environment as the family gathers together to pray to Goddess Lakshmi , who is worshiped as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity . People clean their houses in advance and exchange gifts among the relatives . Every one dresses up in the traditional clothes and thus the rituals go on.

This Diwali , like every Diwali ; i celebrated it in its true sense by not polluting the environment . The modern tradition of burning fireworks not only does pollute the surroundings but also causes harm to the lives of many living species. I had once seen a house lit up on fire due to a rocket which accidentally fell on the roof of one of my neighbors . Had i been not on my terrace , i could not have informed the others and it could prove fatal. I was just 10 years old and till today when i am 23 , i play safe and try to spread the message. 

Festivals should be celebrated to spread happiness , instead of being an illusion of the same .

Stay safe ! Play safe !

-Monika Kathuria

Making A Difference

Let me make a difference,
for at least i can do it for one .

I came across a child
as happy as he could be
he played with the numbers
I said to him come here,
He did come and asked the same;
confused , I wished him Good morning,
he repeated the same –
his smile cheering the morning.
I asked him what is your name ?
He asked me the same instead !
Confused again , I asked how are you?
and again he questioned the same “how are you?”

All i could think was how and why did he do this?
I met him again the next day and it all happened again.

Observing him i found
that he never sat at his place,
Always out of the line;
He just wanted to play 
but instead all he could do was sit alone in the end.

The child is 4 years old and shows signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Blessed i feel to learn about him each day.

– Monika Kathuria



If you want to be the LEADER
You need to learn

Similar is with being an EDUCATOR..
If you intend to TEACH
you need to LEARN
and to Learn
You gotta Be a STUDENT.

Each one of us plays different roles in our lives, and we tend to be so busy to work hard to reach to “THE LEVEL”–
THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF SATISFACTION from our professional life that we forget the roots. We reap the fruits and enjoy the
sweetness but the one –
who had sown the seed is forgotten
who gave the light is forgotten
who watered is forgotten.

The knowledge gained till now might be enough to pass on to the coming generation but their is always room for more. I hereby Thank all The Educators who have helped us reach to a level where we are capable of reciprocating the same to the coming Lads !
Pride – Being an Educator !

-Monika Kathuria

Be Free ♥

Live up

Out of words is what one feels at times
Nothing to say
Nothing to do
Nothing to express
Nothing to cry for
Nothing to live for
Nothing to joy for..

Strange life it is
Sometimes it feels
you are the only one
no body seems to be around !
All you care about is you
nothing wrong in that too.
For pampering is an art you see
if one doesn’t do it for you
then definitely you should do !

Still there is a plan to be free
All you need is a parachute
with all the strings in place
hold it up and pull it tight
and now you are ready to go..
Don not think,
and make the Jump
Its a vast ocean you see
Don’t worry you won’t be hurt
For resistance will always be there
Clear the clouds
and make the move
and there you see
the Landing.

P.s – Risk it and live it. The shell has to be broken !

– Monika Kathuria

Will My Laptop Survive This Summer ?


OH i can’t sit for too long
its really hot in here
i need to move
i need a cooling pad
and .. and… and……
[ zooooooppppppppppzzzzz ]

Well, Thankyou for the rebooting
Ahh ! i feel fire in my stomach
too much of hot gas ( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz )

Password [ ********** ]


(The operating system has done its work and now the BIOS chip is telling it to look in a fixed place for boot loader.
BRAVO — The boot loader has started the real operating system.)

Ah ! My bums are on fire
I feel my last breath again
I’m fainting

(and Zooooooooooooooppppppppzzzzzzzzzzz again ) 😛

Well this is what our old poor laptop goes through during SUMMERS.
PS- Its not only the machines on fire its our dead brains on fire as well !


Oh my poor device,
I want you to survive
You have been the sunshine
You have been the night,
Its a wonderful world deep inside
Please wake up and be alive.
You make me live a virtual life
better than the hot sun outside
I meet my friends and spend a quality time
For you are the one i work on time.
I roam around places
and venture through,
I go about shopping
with an easy refund tool.
Ahh ! its such an easy life
who cares if its hot outside or even blue,
I am a lazy lad working through
please wake up or
I’ll assassinate you ! 😐

– Monika Praful


You walk down a dusky lane
Confused u seem to be
Not a bit of a hold on your eyesight
but still decide to move a head.

Here the dusky lane may be compared with life with uneasy circumstances.

Wait.. Hold On
Oh No this must not be happening with me !
Alas what else could i have done to make it alright ?

We all go through these situations in life and often feel helpless about the decisions we need to make.

” A man stole medicine from a chemist’s shop for his dying wife” – KOHLBERG’s Moral Development Theory.
Was it unethical to steel? Or Was his wife’s life not important ? The answers may be contradicting or similar but all one knows is-
“A decision put into action can not be reverted ” .

But the question still remains ” What one should do in the time of crisis ? will the decision he/she takes be ethical on moral grounds or not?

Well the answer is – No decision is wrong until it has a good intention for the well being of someone or the other. So stay calm and let the dusky lane of life clear for itself 🙂

– Monika Kathuria

Friendship <3

FRIEND:- A person who knows your likes and dislikes, who knows when do you want to go out for a movie, who knows how do go about the smallest of things, who knows that before knowing anything else he has to know YOU.

FRIENDSHIP :- A bond which the above mentioned friend shares and does justice to in each walk of life. He/she knows how you have be taken care of . Before letting you go in the traffic that FRIEND holds you hand and makes you move (here i am you need not worry) ; a guide who follows you and yet says “i know the route just follow me” ; a mate who makes you feel complete (you know you are just a phone call away). These little day to day chores make your life happening and all it happens is around those “FRIENDS” .

You are the one
who holds my hand
you are the one
who takes a stand
you are the one
who’s always there
you are the one
who is so near !
I hold on to you
for who you are
I hold on to you
For being my star
You came across me
and made it bright
for this is the time
and its just right..
I owe to you
for all its a bait
and thank god for such a fate !

*Dedicated to all the dearest friends i have and i have ever had 🙂
– Monika kathuria

Happy Women’s Day

You came into this world ~ she smiled
You were fed milk ~ fulfilled satiety
You held her finger ~ felt protected
You learnt to babble ~ she understood
You had your first walk ~ she held you
You spoke for the first time ~ she heard her NAME !

Mother – A person who takes care, who protects, who loves, who gives , who knows , who compromises, who scolds, who trusts, who lives “FOR HER CHILD” . She is named a mother because she is there always no matter anybody else is there not not.

Sister – A support who not only knows you emotional state but also protects you from each phase of life. she takes care that you get what you deserve and not what you need. she is more like a soul mate “a soul sister”.

Daughter – Not just a child for her parents but a guide , a change maker, an optimist, a caring soul for her parents. she knows exactly when to take care of medicines, what to cook in for your dinner and how to save her salary to lessen your burden for hr marriage.

Wife – A partner who wakes you up each morning, makes you your bed tea, supports you in your business, takes care of your belongings, nurtures for family and LIFE.

The common thing in all of these roles is that “THEY CARE” and “THEY STILL CARE”
And All The Woman Out There – Men deserve the equal amount of respect as well.

– Monika kathuria