The Festival Of Lights

The festival of Lights surrounds me again and i feel its time to light up the dark.

Deepavali or Diwali is an Indian Festival which is celebrated each year in order to celebrate the return of Lord Ram after the 14 years of exile ( as per the Hindu mythology ) . It depicts the victory of good over evil and hence is one of the most celebrated festival of the year. On this day , people light up their homes with Diyas’ and decorate them with flowers . One can feel the optimism in the environment as the family gathers together to pray to Goddess Lakshmi , who is worshiped as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity . People clean their houses in advance and exchange gifts among the relatives . Every one dresses up in the traditional clothes and thus the rituals go on.

This Diwali , like every Diwali ; i celebrated it in its true sense by not polluting the environment . The modern tradition of burning fireworks not only does pollute the surroundings but also causes harm to the lives of many living species. I had once seen a house lit up on fire due to a rocket which accidentally fell on the roof of one of my neighbors . Had i been not on my terrace , i could not have informed the others and it could prove fatal. I was just 10 years old and till today when i am 23 , i play safe and try to spread the message. 

Festivals should be celebrated to spread happiness , instead of being an illusion of the same .

Stay safe ! Play safe !

-Monika Kathuria


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