If you want to be the LEADER
You need to learn

Similar is with being an EDUCATOR..
If you intend to TEACH
you need to LEARN
and to Learn
You gotta Be a STUDENT.

Each one of us plays different roles in our lives, and we tend to be so busy to work hard to reach to “THE LEVEL”–
THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF SATISFACTION from our professional life that we forget the roots. We reap the fruits and enjoy the
sweetness but the one –
who had sown the seed is forgotten
who gave the light is forgotten
who watered is forgotten.

The knowledge gained till now might be enough to pass on to the coming generation but their is always room for more. I hereby Thank all The Educators who have helped us reach to a level where we are capable of reciprocating the same to the coming Lads !
Pride – Being an Educator !

-Monika Kathuria


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