Be Free ♥

Live up

Out of words is what one feels at times
Nothing to say
Nothing to do
Nothing to express
Nothing to cry for
Nothing to live for
Nothing to joy for..

Strange life it is
Sometimes it feels
you are the only one
no body seems to be around !
All you care about is you
nothing wrong in that too.
For pampering is an art you see
if one doesn’t do it for you
then definitely you should do !

Still there is a plan to be free
All you need is a parachute
with all the strings in place
hold it up and pull it tight
and now you are ready to go..
Don not think,
and make the Jump
Its a vast ocean you see
Don’t worry you won’t be hurt
For resistance will always be there
Clear the clouds
and make the move
and there you see
the Landing.

P.s – Risk it and live it. The shell has to be broken !

– Monika Kathuria


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