You walk down a dusky lane
Confused u seem to be
Not a bit of a hold on your eyesight
but still decide to move a head.

Here the dusky lane may be compared with life with uneasy circumstances.

Wait.. Hold On
Oh No this must not be happening with me !
Alas what else could i have done to make it alright ?

We all go through these situations in life and often feel helpless about the decisions we need to make.

” A man stole medicine from a chemist’s shop for his dying wife” – KOHLBERG’s Moral Development Theory.
Was it unethical to steel? Or Was his wife’s life not important ? The answers may be contradicting or similar but all one knows is-
“A decision put into action can not be reverted ” .

But the question still remains ” What one should do in the time of crisis ? will the decision he/she takes be ethical on moral grounds or not?

Well the answer is – No decision is wrong until it has a good intention for the well being of someone or the other. So stay calm and let the dusky lane of life clear for itself 🙂

– Monika Kathuria


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