Friendship <3

FRIEND:- A person who knows your likes and dislikes, who knows when do you want to go out for a movie, who knows how do go about the smallest of things, who knows that before knowing anything else he has to know YOU.

FRIENDSHIP :- A bond which the above mentioned friend shares and does justice to in each walk of life. He/she knows how you have be taken care of . Before letting you go in the traffic that FRIEND holds you hand and makes you move (here i am you need not worry) ; a guide who follows you and yet says “i know the route just follow me” ; a mate who makes you feel complete (you know you are just a phone call away). These little day to day chores make your life happening and all it happens is around those “FRIENDS” .

You are the one
who holds my hand
you are the one
who takes a stand
you are the one
who’s always there
you are the one
who is so near !
I hold on to you
for who you are
I hold on to you
For being my star
You came across me
and made it bright
for this is the time
and its just right..
I owe to you
for all its a bait
and thank god for such a fate !

*Dedicated to all the dearest friends i have and i have ever had 🙂
– Monika kathuria


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