DREAM ~ A Hope

Look within
Deeper beneath
yes.. yes there you are !

Expectations is all you see. The world seems so big in front of your expectations and your pocket seems too less for that matter. alas all what you do is cut down on the budget and strive for the best.
well yes you do it right.

But have you ever wondered how is it from the point of view of those who have the power to purchase and spend lavishly. I bet we all have. But lets have a closer look now… A rich man/woman wants a car, a new mobile, a dress, shades, gloss, branded clothes and what not but one thing they do not want is “NIGHTMARES” of loosing all of this.

Whereas a child on the street wants to feed his/her stomach, wants to go to a temple, to pray that he/she might earn this much so that they may support their family or to just hand it over to them so that they do not get beaten up in the end. They also have nightmares but not of loosing what they do not have but of “Loosing Hope On There Dreams” .
– Monika Kathuria


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