Inert State

What makes you happy?
what makes you smile?
what gives you satisfaction?
what makes you live in the moment?
and many such questions…..

Many people have many different answers to the above questions. for some happiness may be a new phone, a bike, a car nd all other materialistic things while others may find happiness in connecting with people through internet- fb ~ twitter ~ youtube etc ; while there
may be some who find happiness through money i.e by having the purchasing power. The above mentioned category of people “fake happiness” or rather i would say “try to be happy with things around them” but are actually somehow frustrated with life and find a refuge in things around them.

while there are some other category of people who don’t “find” happiness rather always are in a state of happiness, satisfaction,smiling and consciously with themselves and whatever they do is a conscious effort of being happy not merely just “knowing what happiness is” . The people in the above mentioned category believe in sharing, helping without selfish motives. these people have an outlook of a positivity towards others, they tend to relate their happy state of mind with nd due to the natural surroundings around them rather being “locked up in the virtual world”.

“A person who waits to be happy can never be really happy whereas a person who accepts happiness as the other side of the coin and knows that he/she is in a balanced state of being neutral towards life as a whole considers himself/herself to be JUST HAPPY”  🙂

j - Copy

– Monika Kathuria


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