Good Old Times

When i saw you first,

Had a giggling laugh..

Found you childish and true at heart.

Made an effort of being a friend..

you shyed a bit, but

held my hand..

my heart sang

to the loudest it can..

Feelings developed


friendship too,

you gave a hi-five

and the surroundings turned blue..

We hanged around

everywhere we could

All friends apart

it was you and me who would..

You were there in my heart

and will always be

but the time has changed

for just being you and me..

Wish you were here,

sitting beside me

remembering the old times

you had made me feel free..

Hope, you could understand

the woes of life

a bit more mature

you would have handled a cry..

I’ll try to forgive you

what a plea it is,

want my best friend back

no matter what it takes.

– Monika Kathuria


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